What happened in 1834?

I found an insteresting thing. Whatever which one in these three graphs shows above about tea are increasing from 1740 and suddenly decreasing around 1834. And what I learned is China had a war with England. which is called First Opium War. Well, what happened in 1834? I did some research and found this:

Tea and DaHuang(a kind of medicine) is so important that if the foreigner can’t get this, they will lose their lives.(茶叶大黄,外夷若不得此,即无以为命。—–《谕各国夷人呈缴烟土稿》 林则徐1840年3月)

Some Chinese at that time thought all foreigners just eat meat without vegetable. So if foreigners can’t get tea. They will die because they can’t have a bowel movement………..

This makes me want to laugh. Although feels sad.

At 1834 Qing dynasty limited the export tea to England. England started a country tea plan which want to make tea by theirselves.

Things just become more and more weird. I just feel the Lin ZeXun’s diplomacy is sort of naive. The reason he told to the foreigner is that we don’t bring any bad stuff to your country, why you give us the opium? Chinese just don’t understand the world at that time. They thought give the world goodwills, the world will give back the samething.

Too pride, my people.



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