Free-write about The Giver






Well, the author use a lot of words to implicit the content of the book. In the foreword, like the sentence Please list all the similes and metaphors in The GIver which is a sort of joke. The author use two part like her grandchildren and qwinoa, kale to point out that this is a pretty old book or this is written by long times ago.( I don’t think she is implicit she is old, but I felt it). Then… I feel the author is kind of childlike innocence and objectively when she is writing this article. She writted some letter which came from the reader. She is so objectively so I feel she is a rational person.

Why writed like this?

I guess that is provide some words to respond sympathetically when reader read the later part( the book) 

And she maybe wants to give readers a feeling of this book is so intersting!! quickly come and read it!! You don’t believe it? see, here are a lot of letter of readers. They have a lot of different feelings whe they read.





这可能是最早的吐槽党。。。作者在写的时候用了很多的吐槽比如“Please list all the similes and metaphors in The GIver” 这就有点意思了,然后作者用两个方面1 2 来说明她这个东西写在很早之前(我不觉得她是在暗示自己老,虽然我感觉到了这一点) 然后em。。。我要说这个作者很有童心了也很旁观吧,就是她在introduction部分后半段写了一点东西就是读者给的反馈。就觉得很旁观,很理性,就很好。我感觉这样写是没有问题的。 然后,为什么这么写?我猜是为了通过这些读者的描述表达一些她认为你在读的时候可能想到的东西。我还没有读后面的故事,所以可能没有什么共鸣,但是我在读后面的故事的时候,可能就会想到 哦,这个东西作者在intro提到过我也有一样的感受。然后总体感觉很轻松随意了,这个intro写的真的就是埋坑党,一股浓浓的我这个书很有意思哦,你快来看看哦,不看后悔哦的感觉。然后搞得我真的很想看看来着。还是写的很不错的。上面的假设并不成立,有一点过度猜想,作者思考未来跟这个没什么关系,可能就是想提一下而已。就此。还有中文真的能写好多啊。竟然一口气写下来了。



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