Week 3 review/idea

In this week, We learned about Bones and the production of bronzes.

It is so interesting that we can find so many information on the bones.

Through the bones, people in ancient China predict weather, pray for a child, and even they talk to ancient by bones. So we can see a lot of details of their life by the characters written on the bones.

I also feel they are talented about how they made bronzed production. They carved wood model and covered it with clay. So when they fired the whole stuff. The clay model remains and the wood is burned away. They poured melted bronze into the model. After it is cooled down, they break the clay and the production of bronzes is there.

When I read the article, the question in my head is:”How the lower class lived in that time?” Since the bones just record “big things” like prediction of something. It is not use for record farmer’s life or slave’s life.

And I am thinking more about lives not just human. I am wondering if we can see any species migration by these bones. We already know the species of the turtles:

(i) Ocadia sinensis, (2) Chinemys [= Geoclemmys) reevesi, (3) Mauremys (= Clemmys) mutica, and (4) a single example, Testudo emys. ^1

If these species still exist, did they migrate from the yellow river to any other place?

1.David N Keightley, Sources of Shang History: The Oracle-Bone Inscriptions of Bronze Age China. (Berkeley: University of California Press, 1978.),9


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