Review for whole semester

I actually forgot this is a writing class.

The improve? some,  I don’t feel I am a master of writing but I feel better now. I always feel nervous about speaking and writing.

I improved my writing with three different ways.

First of all, idea. I learn how to use the “so what” way to keep going in  my topic. I learn how to link my ideas with “ten to one”. How to make a good get a good idea is learned.

second, organization . I know how to use make my work more fluency. The culture difference make a lot of trouble. Which I think “should be” in Chinese is not a default fact in America culture. One good example is “Tea ceremony”. When American saw these two words, they will think about Japanese tea ceremony rather than Chinese tea ceremony. But culture differences give me a lot of help too, which means I can think about one idea in another angle that most of my classmate never thought.

Third, word using. I like peer reviews in our class for paper. I learn a lot of word using in reading others paper. I feel in the review class, using computer to check word is a great way to learn. I learn “sour” can be used as describe relationship of two country. That is new to me. 

But to be honest, What I learned from this class is more about how to make peace with myself, rather than how to writing things. I don’t feel I am suck anymore. I am not a good student in my hometown. But I can understand I am not perfect. I am alive as most persons of the rest of world who is normal. I want to do a lot, but I learned I can’t be two places at same time. No one can do everything they want to do. “There is never time enough to do all the nothing you want”


be relax and

enjoy study and life.

What happened in 1834?

I found an insteresting thing. Whatever which one in these three graphs shows above about tea are increasing from 1740 and suddenly decreasing around 1834. And what I learned is China had a war with England. which is called First Opium War. Well, what happened in 1834? I did some research and found this:

Tea and DaHuang(a kind of medicine) is so important that if the foreigner can’t get this, they will lose their lives.(茶叶大黄,外夷若不得此,即无以为命。—–《谕各国夷人呈缴烟土稿》 林则徐1840年3月)

Some Chinese at that time thought all foreigners just eat meat without vegetable. So if foreigners can’t get tea. They will die because they can’t have a bowel movement………..

This makes me want to laugh. Although feels sad.

At 1834 Qing dynasty limited the export tea to England. England started a country tea plan which want to make tea by theirselves.

Things just become more and more weird. I just feel the Lin ZeXun’s diplomacy is sort of naive. The reason he told to the foreigner is that we don’t bring any bad stuff to your country, why you give us the opium? Chinese just don’t understand the world at that time. They thought give the world goodwills, the world will give back the samething.

Too pride, my people.



Thanks for you coming!!!! I know that is pretty good tea by my background knowledge. So thanks for your generosity. Your coming make our class more interesting. We are very glad this kind of class. Well, I think we can talk more about tea’s making and learn more about it. I preet sure the oolong is the best one for me. Which you called Qing tea or Tie Guanyin. Thank you very much



How to processing tea

  1. Pick up the tea leaves from the top part of the tea tree.
  2. Wither the tea leaves in a cool place to keep wind from blowing through it.
  3. Roll the tea by hand until it becomes rod-like and small.
  4. Find a black bag, put tea into it. Leave out on a hot day and use sun to ferment.
  5. Dry it until the leaves are totally dry.


Top part means fresh and easy to handle. The top part leaves keep the good taste of tea.


Withering shouldn’t take a long time.


The rolling is an important part of all the processing. Tea leaves should be a whole leaf without break. Whole tea leaf keeps the taste of tea.


Drying is the process which makes tea leaves like tea.