Review for whole semester

I actually forgot this is a writing class.

The improve? some,  I don’t feel I am a master of writing but I feel better now. I always feel nervous about speaking and writing.

I improved my writing with three different ways.

First of all, idea. I learn how to use the “so what” way to keep going in  my topic. I learn how to link my ideas with “ten to one”. How to make a good get a good idea is learned.

second, organization . I know how to use make my work more fluency. The culture difference make a lot of trouble. Which I think “should be” in Chinese is not a default fact in America culture. One good example is “Tea ceremony”. When American saw these two words, they will think about Japanese tea ceremony rather than Chinese tea ceremony. But culture differences give me a lot of help too, which means I can think about one idea in another angle that most of my classmate never thought.

Third, word using. I like peer reviews in our class for paper. I learn a lot of word using in reading others paper. I feel in the review class, using computer to check word is a great way to learn. I learn “sour” can be used as describe relationship of two country. That is new to me. 

But to be honest, What I learned from this class is more about how to make peace with myself, rather than how to writing things. I don’t feel I am suck anymore. I am not a good student in my hometown. But I can understand I am not perfect. I am alive as most persons of the rest of world who is normal. I want to do a lot, but I learned I can’t be two places at same time. No one can do everything they want to do. “There is never time enough to do all the nothing you want”


be relax and

enjoy study and life.


“Free-write Response: Okakura Kakuzo’s Book of Tea

I feel something same with the cultural idea. The differences between the western and eastern. And the way writer organized this article. Good telling way make the article clear and easy to understand. It is reasonable which I feel the paragraph is coherent and

The way the author organized the article. I didn’t see much detail in the article. And the ending makes me feel uncompletely.

 I will see the thing with some evidence. and maybe make more evidence on it.

I feel all the article is pretty well. The suggestion actully is very critical. I think the work is pretty good for me. I need to find that drive to be creative and write better again. Often times I get stuck in a rut and I have no clue what to write about.

I feel all the article is pretty well. Thesuggestion actully is very critical. I think the work is pretty good. It isfriendly to a foreigner to read.

The most important thing for writing is, never give up with study. Although it is hard to keep going. Study is a thing which is accumulated. So never give up.